Top 5 Styles of Interior Design

interior design styles

When we talk about the styles of interior design, the first thing that comes in our mind that what style make our home interior more attractive and good looking. It is very common that everyone has its own choice.

interior decorating styles

For example, If I like the classic theme interior and some sales person convince me to purchase the modern style interior, definitely it is not according to my taste.
We have top 5 styles of interior design
that are very popular and we hope one of them suits you.

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Interior Design Styles Ideas 2016

Modern Style
This style is kind of extremist, this style believes on simplicity combination of dull and bright colors

types of interior decorating

Classic Style

It is very sophisticated kind of style. Floral, vegetables and various natural things are used in this style

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Rustic Style
It is quite a rough style, Tree, trucks and other things similar are used in this style

types of interior design styles

Retro Style
Actually it is old style of the generation of the 50’s,60’s and 70’s. Playful fashion with funny structure

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Styles of Interior Design Images

Contemporary Style:
Something about Contemporary Style, basically it is new, modern and cool style. The color are balanced, warm bright tones.

interior design styles

To make styling and shaping Textile materials, velvet, plush, upholstered pieces ptr skin are often used.