How to Decorate the Large Empty Space above Kitchen Cabinets

The Large empty space above kitchen cabinet is the major problem for housewives and they think a lot on that how we decorate our large space above cabinets.

Kitchen cabnit
So today we are going to share some ideas that how you can easily decorate your kitchen and make your cabinets space more beautiful.

1- Decorate with ceramic pieces

Antique ceramic pieces look very different above cabinets and it gives
the unique style to your kitchen.

2-Use subway tile:

Use tile that suits your kitchen also looks very good.

White subway tile
3-Use kitchen baskets:

Kitchen baskets are very messy and there is no specific placement for that. So why you are not using baskets for decoration. Don’t worry about it and use your kitchen baskets for decorating and feel free.

kitchen baskets
4-Add little artwork:

If you love art and you think its suits you then try it.

art work
5- Append another Shelf:

Intelligent housewives adopt this kind of thoughts they add an extra shelf on a cabinet for the sake of utilizing a space for placing ports and other kitchen stuff.


6- Place Cookbooks:

Cookbooks are the most important part of our kitchen and most of the good chefs, love to read cookbooks this is one the good idea that you place your cookbooks on the above of the cabinets and when you need you can easily find out you don’t need to go here and there to search it out.