U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Breakfast Bar

u shaped kitchen designs layouts

One of the ideal shapes for a kitchen is u shaped kitchen designs with breakfast bar. It is highly recommended for small kitchens, because when kitchen area is small it is very hard to manage things easily. U shape kitchen is one of the best solutions. The good part in these type of kitchen is
that it is an open area to pass out a family member here and there. This functionality makes it different from the traditional kitchens

Below diagram shows how your kitchen looks like.

1- Multiple cooks can operate at the same time
2- It is very efficient in use means you can easily move within the kitchen.
3- Make cooking a fun.
4- Breakfast bar make it more beneficial, you don’t need to put your breakfast on a dining table. You can enjoy breakfast in the kitchen.

small u shaped kitchen

Some of good example are given below


U Shaped Kitchen Designs with Images

u shaped kitchen designs layouts
If there are benefits of u shape kitchen also has problems some of are given below


U Shaped Kitchen Designs Ideas



Most of the problem arise due to its small size.

It is very hard to adjust dishwasher right next to it.

Bottom corner cabinets can be complicated to use
Floor area can be reduced