10 Stunning Country French Kitchens Ideas

country french kitchens ideas

French Kitchen theme is considered most charming then any other style and many people thinks that it is not possible to make country French style kitchen in small space but it is not actually true. You can make your kitchen in country French style even if it is small in size. The main thing of this theme is a chopping dinning table with some chairs as  centerpiece where you sit and enjoy your meals with friends and family members. If you proper design your kitchen you can also offer your guests to come into your kitchen and have dinner or lunch along with your family.  In this post, I will show you some pictures of French kitchen theme that help you to gain some ideas about your kitchen decoration. I will also share some tips related to few important accessories that are required to make your kitchen exactly as a French traditional kitchen. These are not same as they are in old times, few modern modifications are now adopted as a part of fashion. Let’s have a look on some of them:

classic french country kitchen

Country French Decorating Ideas light color

country french kitchens ideas

Cabinets for Country French Kitchens:

Cabinets material is not matter, but the style should be distressed or like pickled. Select any style from these cabinet styles. Wood is the most common material for making cabinets and I will recommend you use light color themes for cabinets.

authentic french country kitchen

french country kitchen accessories and decor 2015

Accessories Ideas for Country French Theme:

If your kitchen is small then chosen your kitchen accessories wisely. Every accessory should have some purpose, if you fill your kitchen with too many useless accessories, it will make your kitchen smaller and give a look on untidy. According to French theme, these are few important accessories which your kitchen needs like cookbook holder, wall art decoration pieces, small length window curtains, French waffle iron and some antique as an entertainment decoration piece.

french country kitchen cabinets 2015

French country style kitchen decor designs 2015

french country kitchen dining table

French country kitchens are more rustic and warm welcome to everyone. You can decorate it with some antique racks and decoration accessories. There is no single color theme for it, therefore you are free to choose any theme that suits you.

Gallery of Country French Kitchen Accessories & Styles:

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